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Edgelake Capital Partners is an investment firm with one objective: to acquire and operate a single business.  If you are a business owner seeking an exit opportunity so that you may retire or reduce your work hours, we are interested in speaking with you.

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Our goal at Edgelake Capital Partners is to help business owners who are seeking an exit. We aim to acquire and operate a single business for the long- term.  

How We're Different


What We Are Looking For

Edgelake Partners is best-positioned to help a business with the following characteristics. Even if you are unsure about your transition timeline, we are ready to have a conversation about your company’s unique situation and opportunities.

  • Low seasonal/business cyclicality

  • High organic growth

  • Large, fragmented market

  • Non-commoditized service

  • Owner is willing to sell and/or desires to transition out of a leadership role

  • Loyal customer base with low customer concentration and churn

  • Strong middle management

  • High operating leverage

  • Demonstrated profitability and growth

  • Cash flow between $2 million and $10 million or $2 million - $6 million in annual recurring revenue

  • Recurring and contractual revenue streams

  • Low cyclicality

  • Low capex requirements

Is Edgelake compatible with your goals?

Learn more about the next steps in the business transition process.

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